Delivery Service

Thank you all for supporting us through this difficult time. In support of our community and as a Thank you we would also like to help those in need. If you know of anyone that could do with a pint of Ale and a warm lunch (or a roll of toilet paper!) please give us a ring and let us know. We will do our utmost to help.

For now we can only take orders over the phone but we are working on our website and hope to be able to take online orders very soon!

All drinks available in 2 or 4 Pint takeaway bottles. From purchase if they stay sealed and refrigerated they have a shelf life of 48 hours, 24 hours once opened.

*Our Cider and Ale range are constantly changing so we will endeavour to keep this up to date. In addition we can still do our full range of sprits, wines and of course lagers!

Delivery Times

Delivery and takeaway available:
Mon-Fri: 12pm-2.15pm and 5pm-8pm
Sat-Sun: 12pm-8pm

Free delivery for orders over £20.

To place and order call us on 01483 417717

Check out the gallery for some photo's of takeaways from happy customers!


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Draft Lager and Cider

Fosters (ABV 4%) £4.80
Kronenburg 1664 (ABV 5%) £5.15
Hop House (ABV 5%) £5.40
Budvar (ABV 5%) £5.45
Asahi (ABV 5.2%) £5.80
Aspalls (ABV 5.5%) £4.75
Stowford Press (ABV 4.5%) £4.75
Guinness (ABV 4.3%) £5.15

Real Cider, Perry and Mead

Star Garden Cider (Sweet/Medium/Dry, ABV 6%) £4.70
Suicider (Very dry, long lasting finish, ABV 8%) £4.70
Hecks Farmhouse Cider (Dry, full bodied, ABV 6.5%) £4.70
Banana float (Dry, punchy, full bodied, ABV 6%) £4.70
Wise Owl Cider (Medium dry, acidic, strong, ABV 6%) £4.70
Yellow Hammer (Medium, rich fruity, ABV 6%) £4.70
Stans Cheddar Valley (Medium, cloudy, refreshing ABV 6%) £4.70
Wild Side (Medium, light and smooth, ABV 5.8%) £4.70
Gwatkin Stoke Red Cider (Medium sweet, ABV 6.5%) £4.70
Biddenden (Medium sweet, slight white wine flavour, ABV 8%) £4.70
Black Dragon (Medium sweet, strong, full bodied, ABV 7.2%) £4.70
Yarde Real Cider (Medium sweet, easy drinker, ABV 6%) £4.70
Cherry moon (Sweet, tangy, ABV 6%) £4.70
Impeared Vision (Elderflower Perry, ABV 4.0%) £4.70
Two trees Perry (Smooth, very sweet, easy drinker, ABV 4.5%) £4.70
Lindesfarne Mead ABV 14.5%) (half-pint) £5.75
Lyme Bay traditional Mead (ABV 14.5%) (half-pint) £4.00

Real Ale

Tribute Cornish Pale Ale - St Austell Brewery (Classic Pale Ale, Light Hoppy Zesty, Easy Drinking, ABV 4.2%) £TBC
Olde Trip - Hardy & Hansons Brewery (Classic Best Bitter, Malty, Easy Drinking, ABV 4.3%) £TBC
Also currently available on the bar (call for prices):
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